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IATA new distribution capability (NDC) direct connect solution

Access to Gulf Air information and functionalities through NDC direct connect solution

Get access to Gulf Air's real-time flight information and functionalities, providing your customers an enhanced end-to-end booking experience. Shop Gulf Air's products and services, price the product selection, complete orders, make changes to the order if needed, and improve customer experience across their travel journey.

Gulf Air IATA NDC direct
connect solution

Gulf Air IATA NDC direct connect solution is an IATA NDC aligned, innovative solution which allows our distribution partners (travel management companies, travel agents, OTA's, meta search engines and corporates) to directly connect to Gulf Air's host reservation system; providing access to availability, pricing, shopping and ticketing plus facilitating ancillary sales and more. The Gulf Air IATA NDC direct connect solution uses industry-standard XML messaging.

Through Gulf Air IATA NDC direct connect solution, our distribution partners will have access to product differentiation, merchandizing & personalization and dynamic offers & bundling.

Gulf Air IATA NDC Direct Connect Solution

Travel agent (user credentials)

Travel agent
(user credentials)

If you are a travel agent you will be granted a log in ID and password to access the Gulf Air NDC direct connect solution. You may issue Gulf Air tickets or make any amendments through the Gulf Air NDC direct connect portal.

Application programming interface (API)

Application programming interface (API)

If you are a travel management company or online travel agency or meta search engine, once your application is approved, you will be granted sandbox access for integration and testing the API connectivity.

Corporate Booking Tools

Corporate booking

If you are a corporate, you will be provided with a corporate booking tool whereby you can have your own corporate policy, approval levels and hierarchy to issue Gulf Air tickets and hotels through Gulf Air NDC direct connect.

Gulf Air NDC Gateway

Non air
Hotel, transfer, insurance, etc.

Meta search, OTA's, TMC's

Passenger service system
Gulf Air host with schedule, fare and seats

Gulf Air NDC Gateway Gulf Air Craft

ATO/CTO/Agent platform

Corporate booking tool
Self booking tool / mobile app for approvals

API Directory

Air and Non-Air Products Bundling
All in one data and reservation services that include flights, hotels, insurances, car rentals & trip management. Provides access to a large inventory of hotel rooms, car rental services, travel insurance around the world along with flight bookings.

One Order Management
Experience hassle-free order management without juggling between different reference numbers and documents. Enables implementation of travel industry standard order management systems and the related processes.

API Directory

Order Management
Create booking for the given itinerary, passenger details and selected ancillaries. Successful completion returns a booking reference. Payment can be made using credit card or cash and reporting can be through IATA BSP

Journey Management
Check flight status, departure and arrival terminals, journey time, baggage policy/visa/health information, destination details etc.

Offer Management
Ability to generate return flights, ancillary service availability and prices as well as providing the best available offer. Also provides visibility on flight schedules, seat offering, baggage allowance, service availability and features (including meals, inflight entertainment, etc.).